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Headache/nausea inducing games on Steam

I seem to have the motion-sickness problem with certain games, they make me literally sick. I play for a bit then I have to stop because I get physically ill, nauseous and dizzy as if I am hung over or have a flu.

I see a lot of threads with people complaining that some games give them headaches etc, and a LOT of very rude replies from people who *don't* have these issues saying they should get over it, quit whining, quit gaming and the like. I'm fairly tired of seeing people with actual issues get told they're being 'annoying' or whatever because they need a better fov for their games. People who don't experience these issues seem to have no empathy whatsoever for their fellow gamers. It's a shame to see.

Now, I understand this sickness is a not so uncommon thing among gamers, and that FOV has a lot to do with it as it is a motion-related illness, and as such I feel there should be a list of games that have a high tendency to cause such problems in sensitive individuals.

I have several games in my account that can cause it, a couple of them *always* do.

Dear Esther is a beautiful piece of work, but sadly, I cannot play it. It makes me feel *horrible*.

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakening is another one that causes nausea pretty much every time I play it. There's something weird about the movement with that one.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent can occasionally cause it if I leave the 'insanity effects' on the entire playing time, which causes the visuals to get really funky. Once I turn that off the problem usually clears itself up.

The demo for "Blackwell's Asylum" on Steam is another one that makes my tummy feel like I've been riding on a spin-ride at the amusement park. That demo is weird to begin with to be honest.

Borderlands and Portal have rarely caused the nausea/headache issue as well, but it's fairly rare with those two.

Any FPS that has a map with really narrow corridors and lots of tight turns can do it as well, I remember getting horribly ill from playing long sessions of action Quake 2.

Please feel free to record your personal experiences with this motion sickness issue here, so that others who are sensitive can be aware of what games are most likely to cause it.
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Hack Scudder
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Max Payne 3 has camera filter effects, shaky-cam, and all manner of hokey "action movie" style visual weirdness that makes me dizzy.
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HalfLife 2 is now officially known around my house as "The Throw-up Game". OMG, the jetboat sequences will make me blow chunks if I don't take a break every few minutes. And the sequence is SO LONG!

It's the only game that has that effect on me.
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Personally, I never experienced motion sickness while playing any of my games.

Some people complain that Mirror's Edge cause it, though, if you want to add it to your list. You'll find quite a few threads about this in the games's forum if you look for it.
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I get motion sickness if I read in a car. I've never had it happen in a game though. Interesting to hear about that.
Sorry, if my post isn't at all what your asking.
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I couldn't enjoy my beer playing Zombie Driver until I disabled the auto rotation of the screen. It was crazy I don't know how anyone can play it like that.
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Add Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning to that list. Game jacks me up and leaves me feeling horrid.

Most of the games that cause it have a fixed FOV that is set for console players that sit back and use a TV. PC players don't.

This explains it more
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Serious Sam (either PC or Xbox versions, including the HD updates) will always give me headaches resulting in nausea within about 20 minutes of play.

Marathon Durandal on XBox Live does the same.

I don't have a list of games that cause me these problems, but I can offer such advice if you want me to look into it.

However, OP, it's not a finite science as such. What makes one person nauseous is fine with another. For example, I've never had a problem with the airboat section (or the whole game) with Half Life 2 - whether PC, PS3, Xbox, Or Xbox 360 versions. Also, I don't find Zombie Driver that bad, even though many people have issues there.

If it's any help, I get migraines fairly easily partly due to complications with mild spina bifida. I've heard of quite a few people with migraines who have this problem.

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So far there is only one game that gives me motion-sickness within 5 mins of playing.
Zombie driver.
I get so ill when playing for more than 5 mins.
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Chris Fifty-Two
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Zombie Driver has that effect on a lot of people and the default camera in Kane and Lynch 2 is pretty bad.
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Fat Bob
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Luckily so far I haven't had this problem of nausea whilst playing games.

It usually starts soon after I visit these forums though.
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Barney Fife
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What you have to do is change the FOV - Field of View in the game.
I'm not sure if the games you mentioned allow you to do that in the menu but if not then you should be able to do so by editing a file somewhere. If I recall correctly I did it too Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Do some google, steam forums and youtube and you should be able to find how to the edit the file.

Good luck.
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Outlaws was one of the all time nausea games
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Old 07-15-2012, 02:54 PM   #14
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Sherlock Holmes - Mystery of the Mummy.

The panoramic 360° of the late 90's at its worst!
Game itself is a ton of puzzles with little to no sense of story.

Avoid it like a new hole!
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I've never had a problem with getting motion sickness from games, but have suffered from motion sickness on long car trips, rides, and sometimes just from being still because of a inner ear problem. I recommend you try Anti-Vert, a prescription medicine which knocks the motion sickness completely out, or the over-the-counter equivalent to it, Dramamine. Both are very safe and will probably help you out tremendously. You might have to take two Dramamine, but you can figure out your most helpful dosage by just testing it out. As long as you take the medicine like 30 minutes to an hour prior. I really hope you can find a solution and begin enjoying more games man.
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