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KoA and Steam Cloud,..

I love KoA. Awesome game, graphics that make me think back to the Fable days, happiness everywhere.

Except Steam Cloud.
Yesterday i spent all day playing the game, getting alot of progress and a couple of levels. Today i logged in and it gave me a message that the save file on my PC and the save file on Cloud were different. I never even ehard of Steam Cloud, so i had no idea what it meant at first. So i continued to the game only to find out my entire save was gone. I lost all my progress and levels i had the day before.

Is there a way to get my "newest" save back from the Cloud? As sad as it is, if the Cloud decides to be an and corrupt my save file, it would really ruin the game for me...
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Hopefully someone can help you. I've never ran into this issue. You might try submitting a support ticket (they take a long time to get back to you).

Steam Cloud basically saves your progress on their servers so if you install the game on some other computer you could play from your original save files.
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The conclusion to AsheMan's post is that you either shut down your PC by force before Steam could synchronise your saved games, or there may have been a problem with your internet connection. Whenever you asked which save files to go with, it's all about differentiating as to why you got the error and which one to go for.

Besides, playing KoA is a whole new experience. The game's awesome. :-P Good luck, and always let Steam Cloud finish its job before you finish it off!
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