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Blank Screen on startup.

Hi I get a blank screen on start up.

So far, I've been running source games with no problems, except for this one.

Apparently, it might be due to the intro videos.

I'm using a laptop with 2 video cards.

1) When I run the game with NVIDIA GeForce GT330M, the screen stay blank. Ctrl + Alt + Del will bring up the task manager but when I try to kill the ship.exe my display freezes.

2) With the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD, the intro videos are blank, but I can tell they are running because there is sound. The game is able to start, however I don't really like the idea of running a lower performance card for this game.

I'm just wondering if there were any problems with the game showing a blank screen on start? I've tried to search but I couldn't find a thread.
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