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Initiate of War
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Question How do I go about the campaign on Very Hard?

Should I base my army on heroes, or the honor guard, or both? Right now im on the eldar, and considering their less than impressive armor, im tempted to go with their very impressive honor guard (wraithlord, rangers, seer council) but many of their abilities are quite impressive as well. Including the Eldar, what should I do with the other races?
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The campaigns shouldn't actually be very hard--you get refunds on any units that die, so you can just spam as many as you want from your base. Usually as eldar I just spam as many wraithlords as I can until I push through .

Just find what the most effective spammable unit you have is, and build as many as possible. Seer council/other honor guard can also be reinforced/replaced for free, so.. don't be afraid to throw them away either.

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Yeah the refund mechanic ruins the difficulty really. Only faction that actually has trouble is Imperial Guard. If you want to laugh try Tyranid they just bulldozer straight over everything.
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Only thing that makes a slight difference as far as the refund mechanic, units that are summoned/called down seem to use up money when reinforcing but not refund any when they die. So that's one of the ways to permanently lose money.

I finished an Eldar play-through on very hard not long ago, and they are a bit tougher than some of the other races to use since they're so incredibly fragile, I found wraithguard to be one of the more effective units once I got them, and guardians to be quite solid until then, I was able to win without using honor guard units on any of the missions. Just gotta be incredibly careful with your heroes, very easy to lose them.
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Just level your heroes, they get so powerful you can just auto attack your way through the entire game killing all infantry in one hit.
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