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Problem starting GTA EFLC and IV


I purchased the GTA pack on the weekend and I am unable to start either game. When I click the icon, run the .exe or start through steam, the "log in to social club" window appears. I have made an account, and after I type in my details, I get "Authenticating User" followed by "Successfully Logged into Social Club" momentarily in the window.

After that, the window closes and the process disappears. There is no error message.

I attempted to fix/update GTA social club from the 2.7MB download on the rockstar social club website, but when I installed this, my GTA IV directory was wiped and I am currently redownloading all 16GB.

I am running Windows 7 on a Phenom II 965 with 7GB ram and also an ATI 4850 GPU. I am able to run all other games I have tried without similar issues. I did have rivatuner, but since I read it can cause problems in the sticky I have since uninstalled it.

If you need to know anything else, let me know.

Thanks in advance

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I don't know

actually the only issues I have had in the past have been sometimes Rockstar Games Social Club will be unavailable to log-into temporarily for a day obviously for maintence or something (but when it's unavailable it says unavailable, you're not describing that error).

I would bet something like that after verifying your account for the first time the Rockstar servers might have to make sure your account is secure before it lets you log-in for the first time, some security features are like that I bet.

Just a guess but let us know if you're able to log-in the next day or after an hour?

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I'm still having the same problems with EFLC, and GTA IV is 95% downloaded.

What I'm considering is applying a crack of some description to the game, but I'm concerned what effects this will have on my steam account (i.e. is there a possibility of a ban?) Does this stand any chance of working?

I'll update in an hour or so when GTA IV is done.
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Did you manage to get it going?
Im having a similar problem. Loads to game menu with no problems then after i choose start it just freezes up and loads no more!

I was playing this with no problems a few months back and now I come back to it i cant get into any of the GTA4 series. Gutted!

Ive tried re-installied GFL, re-installed GTA4, and still no change.

Anyhelp appreciated!
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Make sure GTAIV is fully installed before attempting to mess with EFLC. Do not try to launch EFLC from within the GTAIV game menu that allows you to choose which one to play.

Before you run either, verify game cache for each newly installed game. This ensures the files are intact and not corrupted in any way. When this is done, defrag your entire hard drive before playing.

Aside from making sure the latest version of GFWL client is installed, if you use Windows Live Messenger/Essentials, make sure that this too is updated.

Be sure to check Windows Updates as well for any client updates. Look under Optional too as these wouldn't be considered Important.

Locate the root game .EXE files for GTAIV "LaunchGTAIV.exe" and EFLC "LaunchEFLC.exe" and set them to "Run As Admin" under their Properties.

Disable UAC in Windows as it's known to hinder certain games/programs from either fully installing or launching/running correctly.

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Thanks for the reply

Ive done all of these things but still no change.

I choose start, animated loading screen comes up with music and stays there, music plays till track runs out, screen stays animated but no change.
After using task manager to exit and close i get

" A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows."

apart from re-installing windows, im stumped. this was running fine a couple of months back and no major system changes since.

Running win 7 64 bit

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