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Any realism mod that's not "dead island realism mod beta"

I want a mod for this that adds lots more zombies and makes it generally more realistic, and harder. Its far to easy as it currently is.
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What's wrong with my mod?

I'm kidding (sorta)

AFAIK, there aren't any other *released* difficulty/realism mods, but some other people may be working on them.

As far as adding more zombies, I don't think anyone has found a way to do that without breaking the game yet.

Besides, it's called "Dead Island Plus" now anyway ;p

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I'd love a "realism mod" that would give out a huge death penalty, like spawn you back at the lighthouse (no matter what zone you are in), and have you drop all your gear... all of it, no matter what(Deleted if necessary).

As it is, there is hardly any "zombie survival" aspect, but if something as simple as a "harsh death penalty" were implemented, it would be the most epic "survival co-op zombie game" ever conceived.

Then other stuff, like higher zombie count and damage limitations.. shrug.
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I think they'd really need to find a real solution to the griefer problem before implementing something as game ending as that.
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I have a sneaking hunch Techlands engine had real time difficulties with NPC's. Their trigger marks are so close and poorly timed, I think they may have had problems with too many NPC's locking up the game......

Just imagine how great the game could be if lets say the city was broken up into (for arguments sake) 4 sectors.....all Zoms were loaded into that sector and were programmed to wander around randomly so there would be no fixed path. Each time through would be completely unscripted so a player would never know if they were going to turn a corner and run into a walker, ram or infected.

this would also create the far reaching effects...."If I shoot my gun this will bring others" thought rather than any Zom you see will react.

The above would eliminate the spawning Zom behind you. Would alos like to see this so the stupid Zombies jumping out of 2nd story windows and mountains would go away (not to mention the Zombies out of thin air concept)
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