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Tried Transferring Via USB drive, Steam wants to download again

I bought Mass Effect 1 and 2 during the EA week sale and downloaded them onto my laptop at school. A couple days later I went home for the summer from school and tried to use a USB to transfer the first one to my desktop. I moved all the files appropriately (took two separate usb trips to hold all the files) and then I tried to start the game in Steam. Steam just wants to download it again and refuses to recognize it's already there.

I'm assuming there is either another step to make Steam figure this out, or my attempt was just horribly wrong. How do you transfer a game to another computer without downloading it again? At school I had good internet that got around 600-700 kbps, but here I'm on crappy DSL that gets more like 60-70. I don't feel like downloading it again, it would take forever. thanks
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Right click the game, properties, local files, verify integrity of game cache.
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I know you're trying to work out how to make Steam recognize the copied files, but you can backup Steam games using the Steam Backup Feature as described in the Knowledge Base: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_...8794-YPHV-2033

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