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Magicka crash

I bought magicka the other day and I like it very much. I am now at the 8th part of the story but something strange occurs whenever I get the the second to last phase of the aristocrats bossfight. During the killing of the few goblin mages on that "wave" the game just stops and puts me back to my desktop. I would very much like this being looked after or someone telling me whats wrong.
Thank you in advance
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yep. I've got this too.
only seems to happen on challenge co-op so far. not every time, and on no particular wave, i just suddenly am back at desktop. the really weird thing is, everything is running very smoothly as soon as it crashes to desktop. To close down the game would take a few second processing etc, but this crash just goes straight to, and at that very second computer is running perfectly smoothly.

real odd.

very annoying

address this pleasssse.
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Please provide us with your error reports and DxDiags and we will see what we can do
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