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Can't run Uru CC

When I try to start Uru CC I get a dialog that says "Starting Uru Setup - Please Wait". Then the setup dialog appears, but it exits immediately.

I have an older machine, Windows XP, AMD 2500+, Radeon 9600 Pro with Omega drivers, 1GB RAM. It ran the box version of Uru, PotS, To D'ni just fine, and it runs Myst Online (MOUL) fine too.

When the program quits, there's no core dump, no Dr. Watson, no CPU spike in task manager. When I run UruSetup.exe from the command line I get the same result.

Any help is appreciated.

UPDATE 1: I uninstalled Uru CC and MOUL from my computer, and cleaned all traces (that I could find) of both programs from my hard drives and registry. I then reinstalled Uru CC. Still having the problem as described above.

UPDATE 2: I uninstalled the Omega Radeon drivers, and installed the most recent legacy drivers for the Radeon 9600 Pro. I reinstalled and ran Uru CC. The setup dialog appears to work, but the UruExplorer.exe program hangs, and outputs the following stack trace:

Exception type: Access violation
Call stack (14 levels, truncated):
_WinMainCRTStartup (0x00869C20 + 0x00000134)
plClient::MainLoop (0x00475CA0 + 0x0000006F)
plClient::IDraw (0x00476440 + 0x000000E0)
plDX8Pipeline::LoadResources (0x004E1AF0 + 0x00000171)
plMessage::Send (0x00632740 + 0x00000043)
plDispatch::MsgSend (0x006412D0 + 0x000002A0)
plDispatch::IMsgEnqueue (0x00640EF0 + 0x0000004C)
plDispatch::IMsgDispatch (0x00640FD0 + 0x0000015F)
plDrawableSpans::MsgReceive (0x00560060 + 0x0000072C)
plDrawableSpans::PrepForRender (0x0055DD50 + 0x00000066)
plGBufferGroup::PrepForRendering (0x004FC610 + 0x0000000F)
plGBufferGroup::ISendStorageToBuffers (0x004FC7B0 + 0x00000038)
plDX8Pipeline::CheckIndexBufferRef (0x004E1470 + 0x000000B2)
plDX8Pipeline::IFillIndexBufferRef (0x004E1570 + 0x0000003F)

I also reinstalled MOUL. It too fails to run with the legacy drivers (it ran fine with the Omega driver) and hangs with the following stack trace:

UruLive.Live.1.902 - External.Release
Exception type: Access violation
Call stack (14 levels):

I'm going to run dxdiag and see what happens...

UPDATE 3: DX7 3D test runs OK, but DX8 and DX9 tests both fail using the legacy driver with a "DrawIndexPrimitive HRESULT=0x8876017c" error. Games based on Half-Life 1 engine work, but games based on Source engine fail. So, I'm going back to the Omega Radeon driver since it seems to be the best thing out there.

Everything else in the Cyan Complete Pack runs fine.

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Solved by installing a new graphics card.
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