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Game won't open; error, "Uru is running, please exit before running Uru setup"

So basically I can't get the game to start.

As soon as I try to open the game through the library an error message pops up saying, "Uru is running, please exit before running Uru setup". I've exited and restarted Steam twice with no effect. There is no process running by the name of anything regarding 'Uru'.

Any assistance would be great.
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Cyan Worlds
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Try opening up Task Manager and see if UruLauncher.exe is running. If it is, kill the process. Or, try rebooting your computer and see if you are able to launch the game.

If you still get this error message after trying either of these suggestions, please log a support ticket at http://support.cyanworlds.com.

Thanks -

Cyan Customer Support Team
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I had the same thing, go to where your steam apps are on your hard disk, into the steamapps/common/uru cc folder and manually run urusetup.exe

It will ask you to create a name for your character and pick a sex. Then it allows you to set up graphics and sound options and then launch the game.

Once you do this the first time, the steam shortcut will work properly. I think the problem is the first time you run it, it tries to run setup and the game at the same time.
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