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System Protocol One is a tower defense game where you play the role of a network administrator trying to defend your server against malicious viruses. There are six different virus types in the game. Each of these viruses have different attributes to contribute to the overall strategy of the game.

In order to defend against these viruses, the player itself has an arsenal of defense available to use. There are five different towers with each different abilities. These are not all as there are firewalls and other items such as ordinary walls and RAM upgrades to help you gain victory in the never ending battle against the hackers.

With a large variety of items to use it's possible to create unique strategies and compete on the global leaderboards which work perfectly and supposedly there aren't any blatant hackers yet on the top score lists. Steam overlay helps the player to chat with other users and see the available achievements.

Gameplay happens in waves, player can manually send the next wave beforehand to get a bigger challenge and better score percentage for global scoreboards. This percentage plays the role of total points in the game. In general it's always good to send next wave beforehand to get a good percentage but it's easy to get greedy and fail before the end of the level.

Controls are very easy to use with shortcut keys for activating, selling and upgrading towers. Grid can be viewed in top-down angle to a half sideways view and also from left to right in 90 degrees angle so everyone finds their own best view for maximum control.

Graphics offer nice retro futuristic scheme reminding of the good old 80's hacker movies. Because of its simplistic design they also run really well with a lot of action on the screen at the same time. Music goes well with the hacker themed graphics and beeping cannons add to the overall taste nicely.

There are over 20 levels in the game which can be played with four different difficulty settings. This gives a challenge for even veterans of tower defense games. Some of the starter levels are basic square or rectangle shaped grids with one spawn point but many of the later levels offer a great challenge with multiple spawn points and exits.

Unfortunately not everything is well done in this game. Much talked tutorial has loads and loads and loads of text to read through and that may let down many of the other users. Tutorial is also incredibly buggy with random arrows pointing in blank space explaining things and requiring the player to press keys in American keyboard layout. Game difficulty is also set TOO high and because of that, everyone plays on normal and some levels are unbeatable. Juggling is also possible to do on certain levels which abuses the ai by letting it wonder between one exit point to another.

All in all System Protocol One is a must buy if you like tower defense or strategy games in general.


- Very addicting gameplay
- Different strategies
- Huge amount of levels
- Easy to learn controls
- Graphics
- Music


- Tutorial
- Difficulty
- Juggling

Total: 9/10
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I think Juggling is a preference, not a Pro or Con.

Some people like it, others don't. It's certainly not a cheat. Pretty much any TD game that lets you pick the enemy's path will allow for juggling.
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