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Steam cloud sync: can I force it?

Half-Life 2 at work on the Mac (lunch breaks!), PC at home. At home, I don't want to re-play everything every time I start at a new location, but when the cloud starts to sync, I can see it hit about 15% before I get a message that the cloud won't sync.

The sync continues in the background and gets to 99% but never 100%. If I cancel the launch the sync counter disappears and I "lose" all the sync information -- the counter re-starts if I try to launch the game again.

Is there any way I can "force" the sync?
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How long have you waited after it reached 99%? It might just take longer the first time? (When they first enabled it, it seemed to take forever for the games to load--now there's only a small delay for the sync.)

I don't know of a way to force it to sync.

EDIT - As a work-around: I don't know if this will work between Mac and PC, but you could trying copying your SAVE files to a flash drive. And if you're wanting achivements, also copy the file half-life 2\hl2\gamestate.txt.
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