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Rockstar Games
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The (7) in the "Social Club UI Failed to Initialize" message means that the Social Club DLL is out of date. We are looking into the root of this issue now and have continued to update the workarounds listed on our website. In most cases, reinstalling the latest version of Social Club from the MP3 Installers folder should fix it. We also offer a manual link to Social Club along with other tips here:

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Angry Problem solved, another hundred to go

Thanks for the help, this worked for me too. I wonder if it was terribly difficult for the devs to avoid introducing this bug into the game? As well as all the other bugs - every time the game is updated something weird happens. And too bad some other MP3 problems are still with me, so far it's the most unstable and buggy game I've had in years. Looks like developers either think that it is loads of fun to browse forums looking for ways to make their "product" work or maybe they simply don't care much about what they do.
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Thanks for posting this, it really helped.

It would be great if developers wouldn't feel the need to make stupid overlays like this mandatory..come on, make it optional for the people who want to use it. No need to introduce more difficulties into the process..

I'm really sick of having to search through forums just to make a game I bought work..
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I bought Max Payne 3 on Steam and after signing up to Social Club it require activation code. I type it in and click on "Activate" and than error will pop up that it canīt reach server (or something like that) and than itīs always write "Checking activation code. Please wait." and nothing happens, no matter how long Iīm waiting.
But on Social Club web page if I sign in it write that I have Max Payne 3 (so it should be activated), but nothing happens. Friend told me that it asked him to link his steam account to his social club account. I didnīt recieve such question from steam/social club.
I tried everything. Reinstall social club, chcek for updates, check for corrupted game files, copy game to rockstar folder in program files, but nothing works. I donīt know what now. I browsed internet, your support pages but nothing works. And I bought this game. :/
Thank you for advice.
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Originally Posted by brendanl79 View Post
Paying forward this solution which I saw in another thread.

To fix Max Payne 3 after the early-August patch:

First, ensure the game executable is not running. If necessary, go to Task Manager and right-click "MaxPayne3.exe" --> "Kill process".

Navigate to "<your-Steam-directory>\steamapps\common\max payne 3\MP3_Installers\"

Run "Social Club v1.0.9.7 Setup.exe"

Now try running the game again.
Tried this, doesn't work.

I don't even get the failed to initialize msg...

1/2 the time I launch the game and hitting enter does nothing, the other 1/2 of the time I hit enter and it starts initializing, only to get stuck as it never stops initializing.

A pop-up in the right corner says press home to bring up the social club... pressing home does nothing. A pop up in the center mentions something about linking accounts, clicking either "yes" or "back" gets the same result, the pop-up closes and I'm left with 2 mouse cursors.

It really seems as if I paid $13.59 for a fancy splash screen that says MAX PAYNE 3.
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This won't work for me either.

I'm running W8 x64.
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