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Come on community players

I'm a little tired of being kicked from servers for unknown reasons.
Especially being that It's my first few times playing the game, and the servers are really lacking.

If nobody lets others play, we'll never gain more skilled players to play against, and the online community will fail.
I swear i keep seeing the same names over and over in game, and raraly newcomers.

So, stop kicking and blocking unless you have a really good reason to.

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Phil Of Doom
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If it was a custom game then people will kick for the following reasons.

1) If you have have 50%+ desertion.
2) Rating is too high
3) The game is pre organised so its actually full already (these are normally pw)
4) If you dont ready up and people are waiting

If it was a ranked game that you got from clicking on the battle button
1) Other team mate wanted to play a specific ship that wouldn't work with your selection
2) Some one on the other team left the lobby
^^ In either of those situations it says kicked but its just the match making system removing every one from the lobby.

Best thing to do is to just create your own custom game it should fill up quite quickly.
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also, it sometimes looks like you're being kicked if:
room got full before you joined (it won't tell it's full, it will just auto-kick)
Room is being disbanded to create a new one (maybe to change map or game size)

also, just create your own room. Noone will kick you that way, and you need not to worry about "host lag", as it's all server side
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