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About my new map

Umm.. well, I'm glad I've finally finished developing this map. I didn't want to create a new topic because as I see nobody does so here. But I wish to share my happynes with you all=)
This is the modified version of my swamp, ~ 1.0x1.5 kilometers.
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Thanks for all the maps.
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RP Uptown V3.1 Public

Download link on the website: http://abusementpk.com/the-news/49-r...31-public.html
(Forum doesn't allow me to post direct link.)
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Guys just to remember there are a lot of maps in Fps Banana...
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Thumbs up Gravity Gun Map!!!!!!

Title: dm_killbox_gravity_gun_ob
Made By: gtamike_TSGK

For this map you spawn with the gravity gun to start with, its very fun physics madness and up to 16 players.
Also the map is useful for players that want to really improve there gravity gun skill and be a better player.

About: Below are sub headings about the map and images to make things easy.

Map Performance
The map has been heavily optimized because of the mount of physics in the map.
The shadows have been disabled for the physics, and items like suit, heath, stick, crowbar, chargers etc have a fade render setting.
These settings have given the map a huge frame rate boost, so the frame rate stays high all the time ingame.
Also the trap monitor turns off if no one is the room watching it.
The map is very stable and you won’t get lag in any form or crash because of tweaks in map performance, also thanks to map testers.

Wall Curves
The bottom walls/light areas has been designed to reflect physics model that hit it.

I have improved the lifts in the map the best I can, they are not affected by physics models that go under them and will not go back up right after hitting a physic model.

People can’t camp and hide in the containers because of a useful button that forces them out after pressed by someone, then you can decide how to take care of them.
In the 2 containers there are health, suit, crowbars and stun sticks only visible/rendered when in containers or very near.

Teleport Room
Only small physics (like blades) can go in the teleport room.
You do this by passing them through the blue areas at door way.
The 1st teleport is easy to see, just jump on the box then jump again forward to be teleported, then box behind you will break so no body can follow you right away.
The 2nd teleport is in that room but you can work that one out hehe.

The trap is located in the super charger room when someone is inside the room a green light will turn on from the outside of the room.
If no body is inside the room the outside light will stay red.
By pressing the button the trap will enable metal gates that will lock the player inside of the room.
The player will hear a moving metal sound and then see a solid metal crusher will slowly come down.
The metal crusher will stop at the players head, make a nasty creaking sound and then will crush the player at lightning speed, also play a sound on impact.
There’s another button that does the same thing, it is found in the teleport room with a monitor to watch the player.

The map is 100% remade/drawn from scratch and stable
It has a new name, improved design, layout of physics, lighting, textures, sounds, models, teleports, help text,
smaller map area size, fall damage disabled, shadows, and heavily optimized, the list goes on.

Bigger Pictures

Download Links

Last edited by gtamike123: 11-22-2010 at 01:16 PM. Reason: updated with newer version of map (EDIT)
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My Maps.

Hy iam Build some Deathmatch maps too
you can download it at this link.



for Pictures go to my page:

Hope you have fun.

greetings from Germany
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FulValBot (ITA)
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pls update first post with ALL maps that are working...
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Originally Posted by FulValBot (ITA) View Post
pls update first post with ALL maps that are working...
These work hehe
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"Last Updated 8st April 2012"

Picture: http://gtamike.tsgk.com/dm_ob_combat_house_hd.jpg


Graphics Comparison 2008 VS 2012

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