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When you play the game and open the steam overlay(shift-tab), at the top right there's clearly a new link that says "Workshop". Does this mean that the community will be able to upload their custom content to the workshop to be used by Dirt Showdown ingame? Car files or maps would be a lot bigger than a simple TF-hat, so for some people it would increase loading times significantly I suppose? This would be a surprising move seeing as no other dirt game has officially supported modding, nor have many other games on steam made use of the Workshop yet. Is this just a bug or will Codemasters actually announce Workshop compatability? What do you think?

Edit: I see it's gone now

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If it's going to support the Steam Workshop then it's more likely that it will be for paint jobs than anything else. There has been absolutely no indication that they're planning to include a track designer and usually something as high-profile as that is announced way ahead of release, as it's a big selling point.

Certainly I don't expect to see Skyrim-style modifications being made available for Showdown.
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HIGHLY doubt that this game will support ANY kind of mod.
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