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So, when rolling around, does anyone else have the Galaxy Quest quote in their head?

I'm playing as a rogue-ish type character (complete with super cheesy 1960's Riddler eye paint and skuzzy white soul patch), and I sneak almost all the time. Except it is kind of slow when dungeon crawling, so I also use the dodge button all the time.

Now, when I need to go across the room, I roll and roll and roll, and each time my head plays back that quote from Galaxy Quest:

"Does the rolling help?"

"Yes, it does"

I kind of wish the game had a jump button. Then I could combine my constant rolling with my Skyrim tendency to hop on top of everything. My character would look like a ADD kid hopped up on Twinkies.

Fun game. I came in expecting a bit more Elder Scrolls type game, but as I said in another thread, it really feels like a third-person Torchlight with Oblivion overtones. Combat is amazingly fluid.

Though, I would like a easier way to switch targets with my bow other then using the right stick (switching the Right Bumper and Y button functions would work perfectly)

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As an experienced rpg gamer i, too, miss jumping in this game. But seeing as this game is more linear than sandboxed, the jumping would look stupid unless they'd implement jumping over the invisible walls/obstacles etc:P But i do see you point^^
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