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Fortune Summoners has Stopped Working

I can't get much past the first save point, every time I get a "Fortune Summoners has Stopped Working..." message and a crash to desktop.

First time it was right after I met the healer and was going through the gate in that area. Second time was about the time I made my third jump before meeting the healer. Can't get past that stage at all no matter what I do, just crashes.

Any ideas?
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I've contacted Carpe Fulgur support twice about this issue now and have yet to receive any sort reply in a weeks time to either request.
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I was having a lot of crashes too, so I read through the topic about them on Carpe Fulgar's site and came across this post.


It turns out that my problem was similar to that, except I have a Madcatz TE stick, and unplugging that made my crashes suddenly stop.

So if you have any kind of usb controllers connected, try unplugging those and see if that helps with your crashes.
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While I haven't had a single crash, ive noticed that the game is abit quirky when it comes to controller inputs as I first tried to play the game with my std 360 slim pad but the game wouldn't recognise the d-pad as directions, instead it seemed to see it as buttons as I could map attack jump etc to the d-pad.

I then plugged in a GAMEware PC pad and found my buttons didn't work lol, luckly I got it to work when I quit unplugged the 360 pad and restarted the game.

I really hope you chaps who are having problems with your controllers find a way to play this game because its a very good game imo and oldschool in design, like a NES Castlevania meets Dark Souls lite and really needs a good quality digital controller to play properlly

FYI if anyone in the UK comes across the pad ive linked in the their local GAME store snap it up if its going cheap, it makes a good backup all purpose PC pad for £5-£10

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