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Red face Snowy Slopes 1...

Is it supposed to be so hard to get out of the first pool? I spend ages trying to shove the ice burg with the claw, but half the time it results in my claw being flung away and the ice burg in a place I can't climb it.

Epic fail

I feel like I'm missing something. I have got past here several times, but not quite to the next flag...but this place always takes so long and I usually end up losing half my health by getting stuck in the cold water under the ice burg.

Also, there's a hint about using Beep's Ice Pick a little further on. What is his ice pick and how do I use it?

Edit: OK I just figured out what the ice picks do! I wonder how much easier this level would have been if I hadn't figured it out after collecting everything! The answer seems to be - lots and lots easier!

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