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Primp V.I.P. Save File

Figured I wasn't the only one who inadvertently missed out on seeing all of Madame Primp's costumes because of hastily wanting to open the chest in her room. I had to play through again to get to that part and decided to upload my save file from right before I did it to save other people the work.

To import the save:

1) Download [See midnytblu's post below.]
2) Go to [path to steam folder]/userdata/[your usernumber]/18050/remote/
3) Back up any files you have in there to a separate place.
4) Put my file in this folder. This will overwrite any save file you have in slot 2, so make sure you do Step 3 first!
5) Run the game and select Continue Game. My save file should be in the upper right-hand box.

I uploaded this save before I saw any of Madame Primp's costumes, so you'll have to go through all 20.

Just a warning: I can't really test this myself since I've already gotten the achievement and have no way to test that this save file will work. You also really need to make sure to back up your files. I'd strongly recommend waiting to do this until you've done everything else you want in the game just to be on the safe side.

Please let me know if this works. Good luck!

EDIT: My save file got deleted, please see midnytblu's post.

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hey, could you upload the file again?
rapidshare is not working anymore
maybe you can upload it to mediafire
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Please re-upload. Primp V.I.P. is not unlocking for me and have restarted the game twice to get this but it is still not popping the achievement.
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To those who still want to get this achievement, here is the save file:


Again, please be aware of what the OP instructed.
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