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PC Monitor VS TV for Gaming

Hey, basically I really need a new screen for my PC/Xbox 360 around $200 so I was wondering what's better and what do you recommend?

It's just that I remember getting an LCD Monitor a couple years back and for PC gaming it was perfect but with my 360 plugged in, the colours were all flushed and no settings would tweak it enough to make it worthwhile.

So if you could recommend whether a TV or PC Monitor is better and which I should pick up for around $200 (Canadian) that'd be great!!

P.S.: For ports I'm just looking for one HDMI, possibly two. If not just one HDMI and one DVI would be fine.

EDIT: Forgot about the size. Anywhere between 20-24" is good.

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search for Samsung LED monitors , idk a specific model , just google it
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Use a TV if you plan to be using a gamepad and sitting a good distance from it if it's a larger screen. Otherwise, a small TV is too unnecessarily costly for gaming compared to a good-sized LCD monitor.
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Also, if you get a TV and sit the same distance away from the monitor like you would a regular LCD monitor, you will burn your eyes out.
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