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Lightbulb Tutorial: How to redeem Limited Edition

There's been multiple posts about this and some people clearly don't seem to know how to get it working.

Mycrysis.com is not working properly as you may know, and as soon as some people log in, they get logged out. Here is what you need to do to redeem your code properly:

1.) Start the game and login to your account ingame

2.) Press Multiplayer then navigate to My Crysis near the bottom.

3.) Instead of pressing Redeem Code, simply press Access Mycrysis.com. Your game will minimize and open a browser.
This should make you automatically log on to the site if you have an account.

4.) Dont press anything, as navigating on the site will log you out instantly again right now. Instead. type in www.mycrysis.com/redeemcode and you should still see on the top right that you are logged on. On the left, an input box have appeared for you to input your 4x4 code which you can find if right clicking Crysis 2 in your library.

5.) Input the code and press Redeem. It should say that it was successful after some time.

6.) Reboot the game and log in. A red window should pop up ingame saying that you got a Limited Edition package bound to your account.

If you havent ventured into creating multiple accounts on mycrysis.com in sheer desperation, you should try just going to www.mycrysis.com/redeemcode and skip all the above steps. I used the steps for those who might have multiple accounts and don't want to end up redeeming the code to the "wrong" account.

This worked for me, and I did the same thing on 3 of my friends computers. Let me know if this worked out for you.

ps. Mycrysis.com seems to be in worse condition today than last night, if redeeming your code fails. Post what error message you got in here.


NOTE: Allowing third party cookies (temporarily) and disabling any Adblock-apps is recommended when doing this.

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I can't even login in the game, tried creating an account ingame and nothing happened, it got stuck until I ended the game in Task Man.

Created a u/n on the website and it doesn't recognise it when I try in the game.

Otherwise loving C2, don't see what people be in' about!
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Nope, doesn't work for me. Still get the same "you need to login" even though I am.
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I have found a fix on mycrisis.

Allow third party cookies then try to redeem code again. You can then disable thrid party cookies again if you want.

Worked for me
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The site seems to be working now. I was able to login on the site and enter the key and everything worked perfectly.
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i already redeem my code , and when I tried input my code again it said i already have the promotion , but in game nothing changes. my level still 1
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