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Unhappy DC Universe Online delayed

DC Online has been delayed until March 2011. If you preorder before Nov 15th, they are giving an inside track for the Beta, more news on this on Oct 7.

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On the bright side

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Yesterday Wes Yanagi was talking about DC Universe on GDC:

I think they delayed it because of Cataclysm.

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Wow.... just wow. I was really looking forward to playing this in November. That is such crap.
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Well it's called the latest wave of VIP and Special Key holders from events like SOE fan fair have been thoroughly testing.

I've been in several phase 1 betas ..one alpha. I can tell you that the delay is NOT because of another games launch date.

It's polish. Beta is to discover things not seen. And obviously the delay means they found such reasons to delay now.

You don't want a rushed game like Conan or Vanguard do you? SOE has such a heavy backing in this that they can afford to delay. Which is good if it needs it.

Too many stupid people give Warcraft way too much weight in the matter. When in truth it's hardly a big factor at all.

SOE made one mistake in the past and they learned a hard lesson. EQ2 was rushed to launch because of Warcraft launch. Not delayed. The result was a buggy game that was not ready and they lost people ( alot of them) to warcraft.

It's actually a very tough decision to make. As business one wants to put out their product before X-mas not after.

Anyone who has tested thoroughly and not some Stress test knows this. If a company has the budget , they will delay if the Dev's see more time is needed. Small companies don't get as much flexibility due to finances. Hence the rushed games that fall over cause they can't retain people after a few months due to problems and bad reviews turning people off.

With all that said. DCUO Source has info for those who pre-ordered to get into the next wave of invites. DCUO FB page is pretty much where you will see frequent updates also.

SO instead of getting all bent outa shape.. Do the things required. Join in the next beta wave. And feed back and report everything you find so that the game can launch sooner than later.
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Jack Pipsam
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then go play a GOOD superhero mmo like City of Heroes
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Classy and timely! Way to go sir!
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