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Exclamation Making this game less awful...

Well, after my last post i almost forgot about this game, because the only way to "fix" the game under Vista/7 was the patch available in Activision site not supported by Steam.

So i thought what if we were able to extract the contents of that patch and see if there was a way to make it work with the Steam version. Well, after a while I was able to do it and it was quite easy!

all you need is the Activision patch for Monster Jam:


*if you can not open the link, just go to Activision website yourself, or Google it!

after you get the patch, you'll need the extractor. This little software is great. It's called the "Universal Extractor" and it really does work! so go ahead and download UniExtract from its website:


Now, you got the patch and the software to extract the contents. So follow these easy steps to fix the game.

-Run UniExtract and locate the unzipped MonsterJam101Patch.exe file, click Ok.

-Then go to the place the MonsterJam101Patch.exe was located and you will find a new folder named "MonsterJam101Patch".

-Then inside you will find two folders and one file. go inside the one named "{app}".

-Now copy everything to your Monster Jam steam installation (One folder and four files). if asked if you want to copy and replace the files, choose yes.

-The default path should be: "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\monster jam".
*for x64 installations "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\monster jam"

-Done!, now you can go, run steam and run the game and you will get a window to select video options and change the default keyboard assingments.
*Later if you want to get that window again, just add "--config" to monster jam's launch options under Steam.

After all this the sound is better (the engine sound) but everything else is louder. I think the patch fix the horrible engine sound but at the same time it lowers the sound level for the engine... it's weird because all other options like the SFX, Announcer and Music are at the same sound level.
Anyways, the game is playable now in my Windows 7 x64.

As stated in my last post, DO NOT waste your time and money buying this game in Steam, just get it anywhere else and you will be able to fix the issues without all these steps, only IF YOU ARE A MONSTER JAM FAN. Otherwise, STAY AWAY FROM THIS RUBBISH GAME!
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Thank you AlexanderVH SO MUCH for posting that!

Finally, my 8 year old can play monster trucks on the computer!

Why neither Steam nor Activision support could be bothered to reply or respond with anything useful like this is a mystery to me ... sad to think of Valve being so greedy.

Oh well - you rock. Thanks again for posting the solution - IT WORKS!
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