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Good game so far

This game seems pretty good. The levels all have more then 1 way to finish it, usually seems like many ways. I saw no secu-rom or anything on the game, and it is not mentioned on the steam store page.

Could use stealth, or a vehicle, or take control of a robot , or use other weapons to finish one level.

Lots of different types of weapons. I kind of like the scarab grenade. There is a kinetic gun which is alittle like the gravity gun, but I havent found much use for it yet,except to move a metal box out of the way.(i am sure there are ways to use it, I just havent really tried)

At first I thought the ai was kind of dumb making the game to easy. Sometimes they will be pretty close to you but be looking the other way, maybe makeing the stealth alittle easier.(i have not used to much stealth. there is a cloak device you can use to sneak up and melee attack to kill). I have found some challenging parts though where I die. Even running out of nano boosts(a device that can bring you back to life)

There is a button you can press in game that helps show you the way to your objective if you cant find it, it also will show the way to save rooms. You can save after each mission also.

I am not done yet with the game, only on mission number 11 if i remember right. I am also not sure of my time played becuase the game does not seem to keep track of time played. Edit: The store page mentions 11 missions, but im not on the final mission, some missions are broken into parts i think. So Im only past 11 parts, since I finished that and now it says 12 on my save game.

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Yeah I've had it for quite a few years retail, though I haven't played through it in a couple. Keep hoping it will have a <$5 sale so I can pick it up on Steam and put my disc away safe.

What OS are you running. I'm curious as the Steam demo does not run for me on Win7 64. Some problem with the Securom. Though I'm positive my retail version does.

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I use win 7 64bit

I finished the single player game today, it was a good game I thought. Im not sure of my total play time(about 8 hours, Im sure someone could run through it faster, or longer if stealth all the time). I did find if you have the steam overlay on it will keep track of the time played.

On the later levels it is possible to miss a save room, I did once, so its good to look sometimes with the 'F' button to see if the next room is comming up soon.

I had a couple crashes during the later levels but I am not sure what caused those.

One button that some people might want to rebind is shift. The default throws grenades.
Highest resolution the game has is 1600x1200, but I find this resolution always looks ok on my 24in monitor with native of 1920 x 1200.(also another thread mentions how to get differnt resolutions. I should probably try a wide screen resolution instead, might try that)

The game has no securom, or any of those kind of copy protection programs. None that i noticed.

Maybe the demo doesnt work anymore becuase securom was removed? but they forgot to remove it from the demo maybe. I dont really know how those things work.

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